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About Irene’s philosophy and background:

Irene Bojczuk has been a personal growth and success coach, teaching about personal freedom and empowerment, with groups and in private 1-on-1 work, since 1987.

Irene’s passion is to make a powerful positive difference in people’s lives which then in turn affects the world.

Her mission has been to teach people to break through the struggle and self-sabotage that holds them back so they can achieve peace of mind; live more connected, fulfilling and successful lives; and be empowered knowing who they really are.

Her approach is well-grounded and practical in empowering clients and students to see the challenges that are in their way as pathways for self-discovery. They learn that true and lasting results can be accomplished by undoing their inner obstacles and limitations.

Her clients and students are holistically-oriented individuals and businesses with tangible goals who are interested in transforming their inner obstacles into inspiration, creativity and action.

Irene measures the success of her work by the powerful shifts and changes that her clients have achieved in every area of their personal and professional world—in business expansions and career development; relationship satisfaction; peace of mind and well-being in mind and body; lifestyle improvements; etc. She finds it a privilege and an inspiration to watch people go beyond old limitations to truly become what they are capable of being.

Irene bases her practice in the Philadelphia area with a national and international clientele and is available to teach throughout the US and abroad.

Irene’s background consists of 25+ years of study and experience in the fields of Consciousness and Personal Growth, among which are:  


The Work of Byron Katie
Creative Visualization
Sedona Method
Release Technique
Patrick Collard’s teachings 
Deeksha Blessing Giver
Zen Meditation

Rebirthing Breathwork
Transformational Breathwork
OhaShiatsu & the 5 Element Theory
Ericksonian Hypnotherapy & NLP
Transcendental Meditation
Silva Mind Control Method
Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity
ARC A Realized Community
Qabalistic Doctrines of the Tarot
Temples of Egypt (private access & direct study)
The Teachings of Abraham through Ester Hicks

Past public and radio appearances include:

· Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health Care, Post Graduate Seminar

· International AD/HD Coaching Conference

· WJJZ FM program Pathways to Health

· International 9 Day Spiritual Purification Retreat, Sierraville, Nevada

· Corporate trainings for staff development at Brain Balance of Springfield, PA

· Health fairs, holistic centers, yoga communities, special interest groups
and other venues

A Note from Irene:

I’ve learned, in the course of my studies, to not attempt a replication of what any of my teachers did, but instead to internalize their teachings. These teachers empowered their student to allow the flow of intuition to express itself uniquely from my viewpoint—as a synergized system of skill, knowledge and insight from my own experience and from all the various teachings I’ve received. My work is directed by the present moment and tailored to the person or group in front of me. It draws from everything I’ve learned and is guided by and informed by the Source within. It always leads to discovery and more wholeness for both me and my clients. I feel grateful for the privilege of working with people in this way and I feel that I receive as much as anyone else does for doing it.

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“Dear Irene:
I want to personally thank you for the extraordinary help you have given me and my patients. I find you to be an incredibly sensitive, knowledgeable and compassionate person and practitioner.
In the twenty five plus years I have been in practice I have encountered very few healers with your talent and wisdom. Exceptionally, not only do you have a phenomenal knowledge about physical and emotional disorders and how to manage them within your area of expertise, but your spiritual dimension is also very highly evolved. I am truly lucky to be your client and to have you as a referral for the many people in need of help.
Thank you for all of your assistance. I look forward to continue our

Bernardo A. Merizalde, MD
Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology