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Coaching Overview

#1. Private 1-on-1 Coaching

#2. Group Coaching Programs

Public Lectures and Workshops

Workshops are presented in the local Philadelphia area and in other cities, on various personal growth and success-oriented topics.

These lectures and workshops are usually experiential with simple guided exercises that build on each other. The lecture sets the stage, experience is the actual teacher. The format is light, informal and non-confrontational.

To be kept informed about upcoming events, sign up to receive mailings about announcements, events, and other information.

To invite Irene to speak for your group, e-mail Irene or call about customizing a topic to suit your audience and to receive a packet of information for organizers.


Coaching Overview

The motivations for someone to consider private coaching or group coaching programs can be wide and varied. By the time a person considers it they have probably achieved a certain level of functionality and success in some areas of their life and work, but find themselves held back and limited from growing to the next level. For example:

They may be struggling emotionally with some  overwhelm, anxiety, anger or depression and find it hard to maintain the level of productivity necessary to fulfill all the expectations that their life and work requires.

They may have self-sabotaging habits, poor sleep, poor eating, addictions, compulsions, negativity, being over-reactive, lack of organization, etc. are ways which people unconsciously undermine their own growth and achievement.

They may find themselves in difficult situations such as

a divorce

a legal battle

the effects of a bad economy on work or business

a challenging relationship with a spouse, a child, a boss,
  a co-worker

an illness and/or chronic pain

the grief over a life-change or the loss of love


Or they may simply have a clear desire to expand, grow and achieve the next level of their vision in the most direct and efficient way possible.

At some point, people realize that they can't resolve their situation by themselves, they've gotten as far as their own resources can take them. 

Whatever the reason for reaching out to explore this unique form of combined personal growth and success coaching--whether it's born of need or desire to move from good to better--making the decision to achieve freedom and the fulfillment of one's dreams, and acting on it consistently without quitting is the formula for inevitable success.

The bottom line is, (and there have been studies which indicate this) making a commitment and getting high quality custom-tailored support increases a person's chances of success dramatically.

There are two ways of going about getting this support:


#1: Private 1-on-1 Coaching

Private coaching is a great option when you are looking for a safe, supportive, confidential and caring environment which can be customized to address your unique individual concerns.

The private format is a good fit for all individuals and business owners with tangible goals or difficulties in any area of their personal and professional world, such as:

business expansions

conflict resolutions

managing changes

increasing productivity

career development

relationship satisfaction

health & physical well-being

peace of mind & emotional poise

lifestyle improvements


This work is results-oriented, driven by your visions and goals and customized to whatever breakthroughs you need to achieve your best outcomes and the underlying freedom and fulfillment you envision for yourself.

Whether you have clear visions; or whether you are more aware of and focused on addressing your challenges, obstacles and areas that aren't working; you are no doubt:

1)  interested in transforming your inner obstacles into inspiration, creativity and action; and...

2)  you are ready to get beyond the struggle and self-sabotage that holds you back so you can achieve peace of mind; live a more connected, fulfilling and successful life; and be empowered knowing who you really are.

Often however, people don't know where to begin or how to get there.

Taking the first step: Where do I start?

Taking the first step is often the hardest part. But it's easy, and just a phone call or e-mail to Irene can get the ball rolling.

An informal conversation with Irene will be an opportunity to describe your situation and ask her questions. You can get Irene's perspective on your situation and see if her approach resonates with you.

The next step is to set up a private session, either in person or via Skype or phone. Irene will hone in on your goals into specificity and identify your specific challenges and obstacles to their achievement. This first session will accomplish several things:

  1. You will gain a new perspective about your situation

  2. Irene will be able to speak in depth about what she can bring to your situation if you decide to work together

  3. You will come away from the session with insights into the next right steps to take

  4. You will experience a new level of creativity and inspiration to take action and create change


#2: Group Coaching Programs

Group coaching programs which incorporate live weekend modules and tele-conferences take place about twice a year. They are also a safe, supportive and caring container with the added benefit of a community forum in which to grow, with am emphasis on mastering skills and developing an expanded support system to rely on and contribute to.

Program content and materials draw on a synergy of several modalities and include:

a workbook and reference manual

homework exercises

a weekly schedule of coaching calls with available replays

rotating practice partners

a like-minded active community of camaraderie,
  support, safety & trust

group sessions in: Rebirthing, Releasing,
  Creative Visualization, etc.

Participation in these programs is open to existing private clients and people who have already attended a public lecture or workshop.

Taking the first step to decide in which direction to go is as simple as signing up for events and sending an e-mail, or calling Irene to discuss your situation.


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"Irene. I believe the sessions I did with you changed my life. They were pivotal to my being able to shift. Thank you again and again for gifting me with such a precious commodity, your time, brilliant skills and attention."

Rev. Rhetta Morgan,
Interfaith Minister

 A group coaching program
  A group coaching program 

 A group coaching program
  A group coaching program