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What is Rebirthing Breathwork?

Why does Rebirthing Breathwork work?

A typical Rebirthing Breathwork session

What issues does Rebirthing Breathwork address?

What are the benefits of Rebirthing Breathwork?

What is Rebirthing Breathwork?

Rebirthing Breathwork is a powerful, gentle healing modality applying three main components:

· Circular breathing
· Focused attention
· Deep relaxation

The purpose is to clear the mind, body and emotions of obstacles, trauma and negative programming from past and present blocks stored in the mind/body and to remember your True Self. The result is an experience of freedom and aliveness as a way of life.

More and more people find themselves living fast-paced, high stress lives, the effects of which are cumulative and debilitating to the mind, emotions and every area of personal life. Unresolved stress, issues and past emotional hurts have a way of cropping up in new situations over and over, leaving many people feeling disconnected and drained or wondering “Why does this keep happening to me?”

These are known as repeating patterns. Breathwork is a way to disable these patterns by dissolving the underlying blocks on a cellular level to help people experience a much greater sense of aliveness, vitality, openness and peace with which to move through life. Through Rebirthing, emotional suppressed material is dissolved and a deep experiential connection with the spiritual/creative source within is accessed.

“Creative breakthroughs are experiential. They don’t come from intellectual analysis.”

-Lucia Capacchione

We can bypass the mind and go beyond understanding issues to actually changing the patterns at their core. This work is rocket fuel for creating deep and lasting change on all levels of a person’s life amazingly quickly.

"Conscious Energy Breathing … involves merging the inhale with the exhale in a gentle relaxed rhythm in an intuitive way that floods the body with … [life force/source] Energy."

–Leonard Orr, founder of Rebirthing Breathwork

Respiration is the primary way we eliminate toxic waste. It stimulates optimal functioning of all organs and systems. Inefficient breathing inhibits physical, mental and emotional well-being. To maintain healthy, vibrant, youthful minds and bodies . . . full unrestricted respiration is vital.

Breathing is the most powerful, natural, cleansing and life-enhancing tool we have.

 Breathe: from Latin to inspire, to inhale Spirit
                 to live; exist
 Breath: spirit or vitality; life


Why does Rebirthing work?

Full circular breathing activates the body’s system of clearing toxicity by stimulating lymphatic flow to increase. The stored chemical/emotional material lying dormant in the body, known as “cell memory” is allowed to emerge as the lymphatic flow carries it out of stored cellular places. As the breathing continues this material is excreted through the skin and breath.

Research scientists in Moscow have discovered that during Rebirthing sessions the theta brain activity goes up about 50%. The theta and the delta frequencies of the brain go up to 200%.

"People who do Rebirthing on a continuous basis have stronger theta frequencies. They operate more with images than thought. They become more creative. … We tune into other levels of consciousness. This makes Rebirthing unique. ... Rebirthing has a very good balance of both going very deep and bringing the suppressed material up for integration.”

From The Tree of Life: A system approach to
the transformation of consciousness

by Sergei Gorsky

Rebirthing sessions improve the carbon-oxygen exchange by increasing carbon dioxide levels by 20 to 30%. This is how Rebirthing increases the effectiveness of the use of oxygen in the system, improves the removal of waste products, restores a healthier acid-alkaline balance to the body, and improves the immune system function.

When we change the breathing pattern it affects the breathing center within the limbic brain where we store all the layers of emotional material, thus allowing access to early traumas and the ability to integrate them into oneness.

From The Role of Carbon Dioxide
in a Rebirthing Session

by Sergei Gorsky


A typical Rebirthing session . . .

Following a conversation exploring current issues and identifying limiting patterns and beliefs . . .

. . . the breathing is done for about an hour, lying on a comfortable mat, fully clothed and relaxed. Irene will coach you to encourage the most comfortable and productive session possible.

Typically, a person experiences an increase of energy in their body, and physical or emotional releases as they continue the circular breathing. The session usually ends in a state of deep relaxation and peace, with insight and clarity that deepens over time and naturally integrates into a way of life.

Sessions are 2 hours long. A series of sessions provides an opportunity to develop trust, go deeper and anchor new paradigms for living.

Contact Irene for a free phone consultation to discuss your needs and to see if this work is right for you.


What issues does Rebirthing Breathwork address?

· Anxiety, worry, fear, anger, grief, depression, overwhelm
· Unresolved emotions from past traumas
· Core negative beliefs about self & the world
· Limiting habits learned from family and society
· Conditioned patterns that repeat painful situations


What are the benefits of Rebirthing Breathwork?

· More energy/inspiration
· Improved relationships
· More peace, joy, aliveness
· Negative emotions resolve
· Deep relaxation and insight
· Internal guidance increases
· Stress relief/management
· Better life skills
· Stronger sense of self
· A life that flows easily


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“Rebirthing has been an experience unlike any other that I have encountered. It has affected me at a core, primitive, visceral level and I believe it has altered my very essence. I have relaxed and let go more fully and completely than I can ever remember, and this release is carrying over to my everyday life. I feel healthier and better able to cope with stress. These sessions have been a life altering gift
to myself.”
Linda Zaslav

“I began rebirthing with Irene in 1997. Irene helped me let go of an old secret that had been quite literally eating me up inside. By the end of my first 10 sessions my acid reflux disease was completely cured and I was able to stop taking my daily medications. I forgave myself and others and improved my health and happiness. Thank you Irene!”
Rebecca Emerson
Marketing Consultant

“I just did a rebirthing session at home and I wouldn’t have gotten through this last 6 months if I hadn’t learned rebirthing from you. It’s really a relief for me, and so,
thank you.”
Ann Dixon

“Since I left the 1st session, day after day I was more charged and powered to confront life. I felt more empowered. My issues were not constantly running in my head—I could put them away and be free when I wanted to be. It was a choice based on what I wanted to be doing at that time. I am free to not have to think about everything all
the time.”
Mary Mabry

“Working with Irene, I felt safe and secure to visit and heal events in my past ... an incredible journey.”
Chet Wichowski

“This work is the most challenging, change-provoking and rewarding that I have ever done in my life—my graduate program.”
Francie Rawlings