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What is Creative Visualization?

Irene’s journey into Creative Visualization

What is Creative Visualization?

Creative Visualization is the use of mental imagery, emotion & intuition to achieve a desired outcome for a specific goal or intention. It has been a secret weapon of highly successful athletes in maximizing their potential.

Anyone can use it for business, health, relationships, and prosperity … to find the ideal home, to improve health, to attract a client base, start a new business, to find a relationship or improve one, to increase income. The possibilities are endless. Creative Visualization can be a key component to manage and achieve goals and improve success, as well as being a method with very desirable side effects in improving confidence, strengthening intuition and accessing inner guidance.

The basic premise is this:

People allow their minds to run their lives and dictate their experience, but there is another way to live where we are the ones managing our minds.

Many people are familiar with the ideas behind Creative Visualization. We understand that “thought is creative”. We understand that what you focus on is what you attract. We are familiar with the idea that when images are backed by emotion they create a strong power for attracting results. Has anyone seen The Secret DVD?

However, there is a difference between theory and reality; concept and experience.

Knowing that thought is creative does not mean blaming oneself for things that don’t work out in life. Nor does it mean pretending things are great until they magically change. But it does mean going beyond victimhood to a radical self-responsibility for our past, present and future reality.

Applying this knowledge allows us to view every experience as a gift that shows us exactly what we’re putting out there and gives us the power to change it. When we take conscious responsibility for our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, we are free to resolve the ones which don’t serve us and indulge in the ones which match what we want to see in our world. And then we can draw on our inner guidance, intuition and wisdom to make conscious choices.

When we use creative visualizations and apply the principles of the laws of attraction and manifestation we gain a powerful ally. The inner voice becomes a strong and clear guide. And the game of life can begin—of truly managing your life with wisdom and vision, and expressing your passions and creativity in a fulfilling way.

So we play. We practice. We experiment with tried and true techniques and discover the amazing fact that the world behind appearances is a fun place with no limitations.

 My intention in teaching this is to take people beyond the level of understanding the concepts of the law of attraction and manifestation to an actual personal experience of these laws. When a person goes beyond concept, understanding and faith to experience, knowing and certainty, then true personal empowerment is possible. That’s when it gets rich. That’s when it gets fun. And that’s where true freedom lies.


Irene’s journey into Creative Visualization

I began experimenting with these principles in 1987 when I studied with Stuart Wilde in New Mexico. The first experiment yielded a shocking discovery that I could positively influence my physical health and measurably eliminate chronic headaches.

A few years later I tried it again. This time I was looking for a new home. The game I played of visualizing my ideal home was certainly fun, but again I was shocked to find myself living in a home that bore an uncanny resemblance to the vision I had held a number of months before.

This time I realized I had stumbled onto something big so I set about to seriously study the principles of manifestation. I began applying what I was learning into more scientific experiments. Again the results were amazing but the unexpected side effects were even more amazing. When my inner voice of guidance became a tangible presence I realized the time had come to begin teaching these principles.

Since then I’ve been sharing these techniques with participants holding a wide variety of goals and dreams. And I’ve received great satisfaction to see people go beyond envisioning and achieving their goals to realizing how life really works and changing the ways that they think and relate to the world.


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“My life is changed because of Irene and her Creative Visualization class. … I am amazed at how obviously my life is moving in the direction of my visualization. … I now truly believe that my thoughts create my reality and I have found that my positive, energized and ambitious thoughts are creating exactly the life I have wanted. I have felt more empowered to do the work that I need to do because I now know that I just have to believe in the possibility to make it happen.”
Wendy Pagel

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. What I appreciate about Irene is her no-nonsense approach. It’s so refreshing.”

“It was incredible. It didn't feel like it was 8 hrs, it went by really fast. It was what we wanted to do, so it was more interesting. I thought Irene was great. I would like to be aware of any of her future events.”

“She really provides such a holistic response to things. She expands on things so that I really get a lot out of it. She's good with time and focus. Doesn't try to be a guru and answer your questions for you. She has alot of information, I think she's very bright, very articulate.”

“I loved the class. I was familiar with some of the information, but I didn't have a practical way of applying it, and making the concepts more concrete for me. I hope to make some real shifts in my life by applying the techniques that were taught."

"Irene's passion for teaching these concepts is very inspiring and helped to boost and re-ignite my own passion for creating a more joyful life. The meditation she showed us has really helped to relieve my fear and anxiety whenever I use it.”