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What is  Shiatsu?

A typical Shiatsu session

Common conditions that benefit from Shiatsu

The Benefits of Shiatsu

Irene’s training and background

What is  Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese healing art, which facilitates physical, emotional and mental balance for the well-being of an individual. With a reverent and nurturing approach, finger pressure is applied along pathways of energy, known as meridians, which run throughout the body. This work helps to stimulate self-healing, relieve stress, enhance mobility for the individual and creates a deep state of relaxation and peace.

Shiatsu harmonizes the metabolism of the body and improves circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems. It encourages the river of energy in the body to flow again, allowing the individual to feel more alive, clear, centered and light.

Shiatsu draws on the oriental system of understanding the body called 5 Element Theory. This system recognizes that these pathways of energy are keys to affecting balance in the function of the vital organs with the mental states and the emotional states of the individual.

The body is a reflection of all aspects of the person and through the meridians, all aspects can be affected. Therefore, each shiatsu treatment is customized according to the client’s current overall condition. After receiving a Shiatsu treatment, the ability to move through difficult experiences becomes much easier on all levels.


A typical Shiatsu session

A Shiatsu session with Irene includes a discussion of the physical, mental and/or emotional issues the client is currently experiencing or would like to address.

The treatment is given on a large comfortable mat on the floor in a peaceful environment. No oil or lotions are used and the client wears loose fitting, warm, comfortable clothing.

Typically, a person experiences an increase of energy circulating in their body, and physical or emotional releases during the session. The session usually ends in a state of deep relaxation and peace.

Sessions are approximately 75 minutes long.

A series of sessions trains the body/mind to trust balance as it’s natural state and inspires natural changes in lifestyle to occur in order to anchor a new sense of freedom and ease as a way of life.

Contact Irene for a free phone consultation to discuss your needs and to see if this work is right for you.


Common conditions  that benefit from Shiatsu

· Menstrual/postpartum/menopause
· Asthma
· Stress related illnesses
· Anxiety, depression, grief, anger, overwhelm, worry
· Mental strain
· Respiratory/digestive/reproductive
· Muscle tension, aches & pains
· Back pain
· Fatigue
· Stress


The Benefits of Shiatsu

· Quiets the mind into peace
· Promotes a focused mind and clearer thinking
· Energizes the body
· Calms the nervous system
· Restores & balances energy
· Eases tension & stiffness
· Reduces stress & fatigue
· Improves circulation of blood/lymph/breath
· Stimulates self-healing
· Enhances well-being


Irene’s training and background

I received my Shiatsu training and certification from the Ohashi Institute of New York under the guidance of Wataru Ohashi. My training included long study intensives and retreats at Dai Bosatsu Zen Buddhist Monastery in NY where I  gained deep insight into the Zen approach of Ohashiatsu and the poetic nature of what it is to be truly human. I am forever grateful to Master Ohashi for that first gift which transformed my life.

My experiences with healers/teachers Patrick Collard and Don McFarland—both in the US and in the pyramids and temples of Egypt, as well as with Dennis Adams, Illana Rubenfeld, Michael Harner and Stuart Wilde among others were invaluable opportunities to gain subtle awareness of the energies of our bodies, our spirits and the sacred world we live in.

I also incorporate my understanding of body language, Ericksonian hypnotherapy and Rebirthing breathwork to create highly effective Shiatsu sessions to support deeper healing on all levels to occur.


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"I have been practicing and teaching yoga for years and since receiving Shiatsu I find I am more comfortable in my body in a new way. Shiatsu has added a new dimension to my body awareness. My husband noticed right away from my first session that I was more present and relaxed, less tense. He said “I like the way you are after Shiatsu, so make sure you keep getting it!"
Mary Mabry
Attorney in public service

"You got me out of pain! Totally OUT of pain! So much so, that after a while, I could move my lower back muscles (by myself) in such a way that I could realign my vertebrae so that I could continue to be pain free! And I would tell anyone who would ask that I found it astounding that a “little pixie of a woman” could apply just the right amount of pressure in just the right places to alleviate my back pain. (I still don't know how someone that tiny can be so strong.) The shiatsu treatments helped me more than the chiropractic adjustments!"
Ellen Kaplan

"It does feel really good to be touched that way [to receive Shiatsu]. I am much more in touch with my body. I realize for the first time how much my emotions contribute to how my body feels. It has motivated me toward doing things which give me greater physical health. After getting shiatsu for years, I decided to learn how to do it myself."
Ann Dixon
Gardner, Shiatsu practitioner

"I have been a client of Irene’s for [a number of] years. My initial visit was a birthday present from my husband in response to a lifetime of having suffered extreme, consistent lower back pain. Neither chiropractic work nor conventional medicine provided me with any lasting relief from the pain, but Irene’s Shiatsu has given me the freedom from the daily burden of pain that I had carried for almost forty years. I view my sessions with Irene as a gift to myself. Although it was my back that initially required the most repair and revitalization, during the course of our sessions Irene has also helped my whole body. Irene has also introduced me to other healing practitioners in her international wide circle of colleagues. It has been through Irene and Shiatsu that I have also come to embrace Breathwork and other things. I feel blessed to have been given the chance to work with her and, through her many gifts, to be on a healing course both physically and spiritually."
Denise Saporito, Esq.

"In my first shiatsu session, though painful, the beginning of inflammation on my right side disappeared. I knew she could do something to change what I sensed was happening on that side. I have not experienced that discomfort again and this has been over 9 months ago."
Joan Royal Taylor
Art Administrator
Energy Practitioner